Basement Greenhouse Grow Room

Create the perfect growing environment in the safety and security of your home
Indoor Basement Greenhouse Grow Room Dimensions: 8' x 4' x 82" high

The Best Indoor Gardening Grow Room

  • Strong extruded aluminum frame
    - Hang lights and benches
  • Reflective polycarbonate walls & roof
    - Provides 360° light coverage
  • 32” door with adjustable screen
    - Easy access & ventilation
  • Easy bolt-together installation
    - Panels ship pre-assembled

Way Better Than a Tent!

$1595 Plus Shipping

Basement Greenhouse Kits Provide Complete Control Over Light, Temperature, Humidity and Air Flow

Designed by a horticulturist with years of greenhouse experience, this high quality basement greenhouse allows you to create an ideal growing environment for anything you want to grow. The extruded aluminum frame will never rust and easily bolts together for a self-contained, dedicated growing area that fits almost anywhere. (other sizes available)

The frame is strong and will easily support grow lights, fans, benches, shelves, hanging baskets and more. Our unique white, opalescent polycarbonate walls and roof create a highly reflective interior that provides bright light in all directions around your plants.

White, opalescent polycarbonate is highly reflective for optimum lighting inside the greenhouse.

Benches without legs! The greenhouse is designed to accommodate shelves to maximize your growing area.

Standard size is 8’ x 4’ x 82” high. Custom heights and other sizes available.

8’ x 4’ Basement Greenhouse Layout

basement greenhouse
Basement Greenhouse Kit

Basement Greenhouse Kits


Basement Greenhouses from Arcadia are engineered for durability and optimum growing conditions. They are virtually air tight, which allows you to maintain temperature, light and humidity at ideal growing conditions. Our unique white 8mm double-wall polycarbonate includes a highly-reflective “opalescent” additive that reflects the white and blue light in all directions for best vegetative growth.

Temperature & Humidity Control

The greenhouses can be easily heated with a small electric heater if used in an unheated area. However, most LED and HID grow lights produce enough heat to keep the greenhouse above 75 degrees. The retractable screen built into the door can be opened to allow heat to escape if necessary, and an 8” circulation fan running 24/7 is highly recommended.


The 1” square tube extruded aluminum frame includes header bars in the roof that are strong enough to hang lights, shelves, plants and accessories. Shelves and brackets may be mounted on the sidewalls. Horizontal supports are built into the frame at a 32” height for optional benches. The greenhouse can be easily disassembled and moved as needed.

Greenhouse Sizes

The standard Basement Greenhouse is 8’ wide x 4’ deep x 82” high. Check the height of your basement to make sure this will fit in your location. We can modify the height of your new greenhouse if needed. We also have other sizes available.

Greenhouse Grow Lights

We have a complete line of T5 Fluorescent Grow Lights, LED Grow Lights, and HID Grow Lights.
Call us to discuss the perfect grow lights for your new greenhouse. 440-357-0022

T5 Fluorescent Grow Lights

  • Low cost, long life, quality fixture
  • Ideal for seed starting & propagation
  • Grow houseplants, herbs & orchids
T5 Fluorescent Grow Lights 48" 8-bulb fixture with 6500K daylight bulbs 432 watts - $249

High Intensity Discharge Grow Lights

  • Highest output light intensity
  • Metal Halide (MH) for vegetative growth
  • High Pressure Sodium (HPS) for blooms
High Intensity Discharge Grow Lights Air-cooled Radiant Reflector, with lens & 6" flange
Includes convertible ballast & HPS bulb
1000W - $399

LED Grow Lights

  • Best energy efficiency, longest life
  • Adjustable white, blue & red light spectrums
  • Optimized for vegetative or bloom growth

EverGrow LED Full Spectrum Grow Light

Variable control of veg & bloom light spectrums 560 Watts, 160 LEDs - $595 840 Watts, 245 LEDs - $895

California Lightworks SolarSystem 550

With programmable controller for veg or bloom 550 watts - $899

Greenhouse Accessories

Strong Durabench Shelves

Multiply your growing area with these strong aluminum benchtops that have an acrylic Durabench surface. Create vegetative growth conditions on one side and blooming growth conditions on the other side of your greenhouse.

2’ x 4’ side bench - $75 ea.
3-Pak Shelving Kit – Two 2' x 4' side benches
and one 1' x 4' connecting shelf - $175

Additional Accessories

Air Circulation Fan

6” Active Air Circulating Fan 2 speeds, rotates 360° - $19.95

Light Timer Control

2-Outlet Timer Control 24-hr cycle, 15-minute intervals - $12.95

Heavy Duty Light Hangers

Quick Adjusting Light Hangers Variable height control - $13.96/pr.

6” Inline Cooling Fan Kit

Recommended for Cooling HID Grow Lights Includes 6” fan, 25’ of 6” flexible duct, clamps and flanges - $179 Requires a 6” hole cut into sidewall or roof, 2 flanges provided.

Active Air Odor Filter Kit

6” Inline Charcoal Filter System Includes fan, filter, flange and duct - $135 Optional high-efficiency 6” x 16” carbon filter cartridge - $119

Sticky Wickies

Control Pests Without Chemicals Non-toxic sticky pads attract insects - $12.95/10 pack

Greenhouse Sizes and Prices

Standard sizes are listed below. Custom sizes are available – call for Quote.

  • 8’ x 4’ x 82” high - $1595
  • 8’ x 8’ x 82” high - $2895
  • 12’ x 8’ x 82” high - $3995
  • Add $150 for custom heights.


All Basement Greenhouses ship truck freight or are available for free pick up in Madison, Ohio 44057. The standard 8’ x 4’ unit ships in a wood crate that is approximately 5’ x 9’ x 1’ and weighs approximately 200 pounds.

Contact us via phone or email for a free shipping quote.

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